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About Telos Culture

Telos Culture aims to support sustainable community growth and increase the utility of the network in a fun and engaging way. Get to know more about our story and the team behind Telos Culture below.

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Our Story

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The user base of Telos has grown significantly since mainet launch, but we still have a long way to go on the path to mass adoption. While the technology is extremely powerful, it can also be intimidating for a layperson, who may not want to step outside of their comfort zone and utilise it.


At Telos Culture, we aim to solve this by creating content and running events that grow awareness of the ecosystem at a grassroots level. In addition to hosting these initiatives on accessible, mainstream platforms, we plan to incorporate Telos tooling for exclusive activities that encourage familiarity around the technology.


In doing so, we will support sustainable community growth and increase the utility of the network in a fun and engaging way.



TelosCulture is proud to be a 100% Canadian partnership between Corduroy Earth Inc. (50%), represented by CEO Lliam Buckley, and Brian Tse (50%).


With this marketing and technology collaboration, Lliam and Brian hope to bring more value to our respective communities as well as the entire global Telos community.


Brian Tse

Brian is serial entrepreneur with a background in accounting, finance and IT. He is a strong advocate for blockchain technology, with a focus on free-speech, decentralisation, and transparency. 


Following his dreams, he co-founded, a blockchain based social network where users are free to discuss anything, anywhere. He is also an advisor for numerous Canadian startups, and owns his own business management consulting firm. His goal is to help other entrepreneurs survive the challenges of the startup world and to develop sustainable business models.


Lliam Buckley

Representing Corduroy Earth Inc.

Lliam is an entrepreneur, singer-songwriter and content creator. He is the founder and CEO of Corduroy Earth Inc, a Canadian startup  with a mission to explore the creative economies of Web 3.0.

His marketing agency, Corduroy Content prides itself in helping projects find their voice and grow their audience in creative and sustainable ways. Corduroy Content has worked with a number of notable projects in the Telos ecosystem, including the Telos Foundation, T-Starter, Fortis & more.

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C/O Corduroy Earth Inc.

22 Foxbar Road


M4v 0B2

(289) - 925 - 0685

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