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Mission & Values

At Telos Culture, our goal is to support the path to mass-adoption by running engaging initiatives and publishing content that grows awareness of Telos and the community behind it.


Our mission is to serve as a bridge between the technological and human elements of the Telos economy. Supporting the voice of the network with secure infrastructure and engaging initiatives that build community.


Core Values


Through both our technology and our content, we strive to enable transparency in network activity.


We don’t allow external parties to influence the information that we document, both on chain and on our media channels.


We aim to remove the intimidation factor of blockchain, increasing the appeal for real-world users.

Critical Actions

We Secure
The Network

We recognize that the primary responsibility of any block producer is to validate transactions and protect the network, following the guidelines laid out in the TBNOA.

We Engage With
The Community

We are constantly exploring ways that we can add value to the network by engaging in the Telos ecosystem and encouraging those who discover us to do the same.

We Have Fun

Aside from our infrastructure, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. In order to encourage mass-adoption, we want to create a fun atmosphere for exploring Telos technology.

Isometric Background 02.png

Join The
Telos Scouts!

Embrace the nostalgia of iron-on patches reimagined as earnable NFTs, and help us build a community of Telos power users and newcomers alike. We’re jazzed about making it easy for anyone to learn their way around the most accessible blockchain around – Telos!

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